Angular 2, ReactJS, and the State of Modern Web Apps

The web has come a long way over the years. From the early days of the information super highway, through the Web 2.0 phase to the modern day, more and more traditional desktop applications are moving online. There are so many reasons that the web is becoming the platform of choice, including accessibility from a multitude of devices ( tablets, phones, consoles, and smart TVs), limited system requirements, less up-front overhead, and search engine optimization, to name but a few. With the emergence of these rich applications on the web, developer tooling had to change. Welcome to the world of modern web application development.

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Balancing Privacy And Personalization: The Challenge Of Marketing For Micro-Moments

I want to know. I want to go. I want to buy.

Today’s always-connected consumer uses their device to satisfy these intent-rich moments, named micro-moments by Google, the moment they are established. However, a recent report by Forrester found that merely 2% of organizations have the necessary capabilities to identify, deliver on, and measure micro-moments.

So what does it take to provide this instant gratification? You need to know your consumers better than they know themselves. Psychology, analytics, personas, customer journey mapping - leverage any tool you can. But there is another wrinkle here, what is the balance between privacy and convenience?

Read my latest on Forbes about how the 21st-century marketer can deliver experiences on demand without leaving the consumer feeling like an Orwellian big brother is watching.

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Written by Founder

The Battle for Consumer Loyalty in the Sports Vertical

With the release of our new sports marketing page, Enter the Arena, Digital Surgeons aimed to bring the passion of the sports consumer to life and capture the spirited competition facing brands engaged in the battle for consumer loyalty.

For brands, the arena where the battle will be won or lost lies in the passion of your consumers, give them the experience that inspires the life and performance they dream of - they will love you for it.

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Written by Executive Coordinator

A digestible guide to the new gaming ecosystem

The popularization of digital games has had profound effects within the interactive entertainment industry. The shrinking gap between producers and players is presenting the industry with a new set of challenges, but also exciting new opportunities. Today’s audiences have come to expect more sophisticated gameplay even from relatively simple games. We are witnessing a trend in technology which is pushing games to new platforms and distribution methods, slowly rendering the days of boxed games obsolete.

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