How to Build Trust with the Modern Female Belonger

American women are a diverse demographic. Their behavior online, however, closely resembles the psychographic of the Belonger, those people who traditionally place a high value on family, friends, and community, are concerned about their society, and whose purchasing decisions are influenced by personal relationships. Women tend to be more community-oriented than men (have you ever heard of a woman cave?), and this tendency gets heightened online.

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Written by VP of Business Development

Intern Diaries: Aaron Shea

We might call them minions, but the interns that walk through our doors don’t fetch coffee, they experience our full Digital Surgeons University program, work on client projects and contribute to the DS environment. Our interns are awesome, and we wanted to show them some love with our intern blog series. We caught up with some DS interns that found permanent positions in our office or used the skills they learned here to secure a job elsewhere.

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5 Surprising Lifestyle Trends of Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are often portrayed as technology averse curmudgeons who are poised to retire en masse and bankrupt us all. Turns out their actual lifestyles paint a much more complex (and intriguing) view of who Boomers are, how they operate, and what they want.

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