Why Innovation Must Build from Your Customer Experience

Innovation isn’t just another buzzword. It isn’t a “service” or even a “job”—it’s a way of existence. Digital Darwinism is coming for us all, companies must adapt or die.

While companies must continue to develop new, high-quality products, and meaningful new features for established products, there is another approach to innovation they should consider, but is often left on the table: innovating around customer experience goals.

When you focus on customer experience—especially with established goals and ways to measure—then you open up opportunities to create and capture more value.

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Written by Founder

Twitch and YouTube are blurring the lines between consumers and content creators

Gaming as entertainment has come a long way in recent years with many of the most subscribed channels on YouTube now belonging to games content creators, specializing in anything from “let’s play” videos to series created entirely within a game’s engine. We’re also witnessing the explosive growth in popularity of eSports competitions, whose broadcasts have turned Twitch into a broadcasting powerhouse. Video game streams and games-based content creation is not only on the uptick, it’s slowly taking over.

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Written by Creative Technologist

#PintItBuyIt- How Buyable Pins Are a Serious Game Changer

In some ways Pinterest is arriving late to the e-commerce game, yet it has already surpassed the hype and excitement other social media platforms have received. Will buyable pins be able to live up to their expectations by making an impact on the online shopping sphere? As a platform that inherently promotes impulsivity and online retail, I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

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Why do we have a Website?

It can be a provocative question, not because it is difficult to answer but because it is fundamental to beginning the conversation around the goals of your web presence. That conversation, which begins with a simple question and ends with overall organizational alignment on goals, objectives, and key metrics, is critical to success with digital analytics. It is a question that every stakeholder in the organization’s website, from the top to the bottom of the org chart, should be able to answer nearly identically within an organization that is focused on using analytics to drive value.

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