The 50/50 Experiment: A New Approach to Growth Hacking

Forget what you know about concept ideation. Rarely does a light bulb simply turn on in the mind of a marketer that leaves him or her with a groundbreaking “big idea”. No, world-class work takes time, effort, and above all else, open-mindedness. By sewing every seed (no matter how outlandish it may seem), it’s possible to grow even the tiniest of ideas into full-scale conceivable concepts.

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Written by ECD / Founder

12 Tips for Writing Engaging Facebook Content

As you likely know, your fans, those wonderful people who have clicked “Like” on your page… are not seeing your content. There’s no real formula and each page has a different audience, but these 12 tips will help you optimize those fantastic, social by design concepts for content that you’re brainstorming every day.

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Intern Diaries: John Adie

“At DS, if you show your passion and do great work, the sky’s the limit….aside from the cool projects and incredible learning opportunities, Digital Surgeons has one of the most stimulating environments for creative thinkers.”—Thank you, John. You will be missed. The interns that walk through our doors work side by side with our team on client projects and contribute to the DS environment—they are awesome and a source of inspiration for us. We wanted to show them some love and hear their side of the story. Introducing, John Adie.

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How to Build Trust with the Modern Female Belonger

American women are a diverse demographic. Their behavior online, however, closely resembles the psychographic of the Belonger, those people who traditionally place a high value on family, friends, and community, are concerned about their society, and whose purchasing decisions are influenced by personal relationships. Women tend to be more community-oriented than men (have you ever heard of a woman cave?), and this tendency gets heightened online.

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Written by VP of Business Development