The 3 Act Story Model: Discovering True Consumer Behavior

​As marketers, we strive to learn everything there is to know about Millennials, Gen Xers, and the ever-evolving Baby Boomers. We’re great at segmenting, and slicing and dicing data captured from consumers until it looks like a Panera chopped salad bearing little resemblance to its origins. While useful, these details don’t help us to set the course of consumer marketing plans and goals. They’re simply too specific.​

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Written by VP of Brand Development

8 Ways to Reach the E-sports Consumer Today

The recent rapid surge of E-Sports into western popular culture has taken many major brands by surprise. Not only has the size of the audience grown, but the number of brands trying desperately to navigate their way into the unfamiliar gaming culture has as well. While E-Sports have enjoyed incredible success for over a decade in countries like Korea, the E-Sports sonic boom has only just recently started to hit us here, in the USA.

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Written by Creative Technologist